indie clara oswald rp
originally thebxss.
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written by Ro
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To Feel Again || justalonelymonster


John had a bit of an odd life, at least he thought so. During the day he taught and the evening, well…if anyone knew he was likely to get fired for what he did. Teaching just didn’t seem to be enough for him. He’d wanted more, more company and while he was awkward with women during the day, it seemed that he was different with them at night. He’d never managed to be able to keep a girl around, he always assumed for his awkwardness, but eventually decided that it wasn’t worth all of the heartache anymore. So, he became what he did at night.

Some things that women wanted from him were too horrible for even him to consider. He’d had to say no a few times, even if they offered double the pay. Though most of the time, a lot of the time, he could do what they wanted with him and he considered himself quite good at it.

He wasn’t at all surprised when a woman called in for an appointment. They set it up for a hotel somewhere in town. Most of his nights were spent in hotels, now that he really thought about it, but he didn’t mind. This sort of life was better than being alone, better than having to deal with the pain that came from a relationship. He didn’t have to worry about all of that when he occupied his night time this way.

Stepping inside the hotel, John looked around and then remembered the room number. He’d gotten her name, Clara Oswald. John asked for the key to the room and went up the elevator to it. She’d be there, he knew that she would be. Women liked to be early, well, most of them seemed to anyway. He knocked once, then twice on the door, letting her know that he was there and then slid the key along the lock before letting himself in. There she was, in simple but pretty dress. She was short with brown hair and a cute nose. If he was honest with himself, he thought that she was rather pretty.

"You must be Miss Oswald. Am I correct?" He spoke politely, in a friendly tone. He’d learned to be friendly with them, though he had a friendly personality anyway. The way he’d seen her standing, fidgeting, he wondered if she’d ever done something like this before.

Her hands were shaking, that’s why she held them together, fidgeting because she couldn’t help it, couldn’t stop her own nervousness as he walked in. He was an attractive man about her age, his hair had that adorable flop that she couldn’t help but smile a bit at. The stranger was tall, awkward-looking, but his smile was charming, somewhat confident. In other circumstances, Clara might had thought him a man worth approaching.

Her gaze moved over his arms and she nodded to herself, they looked like they would wrap around her. Forcing herself to look him in the eye she smiled back easily, forcing herself to relax. “Yes, that’s me. But you can call me Clara. Everyone else does. You must be Mr. Smith.” Her hand moved to shake his, standing in front of him awkwardly, before biting her lip.

"I know what you think you’re here for…but…that’s not what I’m going to ask you to do. You see…I just..I want you to hold me." Clara Oswald chewed her lip at this, watching for his reaction. "I don’t need…your usual services, in fact I probably will never ask for them. I’ll pay the same price and everything but-" 

She was rambling again, so her lips pressed together, shutting her eyes and opening them again, sitting on the bed and staring at the ground. “It’s okay if that makes you uncomfortable, I just- I have no other option…haven’t slept well in months..can’t focus at work..” She trailed off. 

"Maybe it’s just…maybe it’s just stupid. The door’s over there..if you want to leave I won’t blame you…" 

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   The Doctor could only watch the tears fall down
    her cheeks as he fiddled with his hands, trying his
    best to think of what to say in her fragile state. 


  He croaked, mouth opening and closing, but nothing
  would come out. He blinked rapidly, not even daring to
  look her in the eye. What he did was to protect her.
  If she’d gone off with him, she wouldn’t have lasted a
  single day. But he should have known, that wasn’t how
  she liked to travel with him.

   And the tears staining her face
  were because of his actions. Of course he
  never wanted her to leave. Never, anything but that.
  The Doctor cautiously took a step forward, brows
   knitted together, lips pressed into a tight frown after
   thinking long and hard about how to deal with this,

         Because I promise.

   Trying his best to give her a hopeful smile.
   Although it was hard. Feeling ever so
    guilty for making her cry.

     ❝Aye?  All of time and space,
               you and me—-always. 
                   How does that sound?


   Her hand comes up to wipe the tears
     away from her cheek, pretending they
     weren’t there, so hopefully he wouldn’t
     notice either. Yet, when she heard him
     call her name, like it was a groan of pain,
     she knew he saw the tears she shed.

               ❝ Tell me how I can believe you.

   Clara Oswald wanted more than anything
     to let it go and simply travel with him again,
     but she couldn’t. The bossy control freak
     that can’t let go, can’t forget. She had lost
     control once, jumped into a timeline that
     ripped her apart, and that could never happen again.

               ❝ I’m the boss again. Say it. ❞


   She needed that control.
     That safety the Doctor brought her
     because he did what she asked. And
     yet, it was like the blanket was yanked
     from her and she was left in the cold.
     He was cold now, the warm trust she held
     replaced by stinging hurt.  

               ❝ And… never lie to me again

   Even Clara knew she was going too far
    with that last one. There were some things
    the Doctor couldn’t stop doing.

                ~Traveling, running, and lying to the people he cared about. ~

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"Don’t fall in love."

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Clara and the Doctor

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                            ❝ How do I know… ❞
      Clara looked at him, willing
      the tears not to fall down
      her cheeks.  She was warring
      with herself. Halfway between 
      hitting him so hard he’d fall over
      and hugging him forever. 
                                                          He had lied to her, in a space of
                                                          one trip, one tiny adventure, he’d 
                                                          turned from her protector, her
                                                          to a stranger, an alien

                             ❝–––that you’re not going to leave again?

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Baby rp Starters

"Guess what? We're having a baby!"
"Do I look fat to you?"
"I'm what?"
"I went to the doctor today."
"You know how I've been getting kinda sick recently? Well, turns out, I'm not actually sick..."
"I feel so helpless like this. I don't like it."
"How's the baby?"
"How are you feeling? I know pregnancy can be tough..."
"Need some help? Here, don't get up. I'll get it for you. Wouldn't want you to over exert yourself."
"I saw you leaving this morning, and a little birdy told me you went to the doctor. Care to explain?"
"Don't take this the wrong way, but you're more... round than you used to be."
"You're going to be a mother?"
"It's going to be a girl."
"It's going to be a boy."
"Aren't you excited? There's gonna be a baby!"
"Guess what? You're going to be a father."
"I'm not ready for a baby. I... I can't have a baby."
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                                                 i m p o s s i b l e

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keep away from them!

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